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SPECIALITY CATERING SERVICES is one of the best caterers in Kolkata. It borrows equity and rides on the strength of the parent company with the distinct advantage of being able to offer the best dishes of both Indian and world cuisines ranging from Chinese, Mediterranean, Modern European, Mexican, and of course Indian and Bengali(Regional).

Party Caterers In Kolkata

We Speciality Catering Services and provide various types of cuisines for small parties. We can help you to make your event or party unforgettable by serving international cuisines. We have a long history of providing organizations with solutions thanks to our experience handling corporate canteens and other corporate events. Choosing catering for the small event is difficult, but we also serve delicious meals at minor parties.

wedding Party caterers in kolkata

Our Speciality Catering services serve the best quality food items for the wedding party. Because of this, we are known as party caterers in Kolkata. For more than 25 years, we have catered weddings and other events and have developed a reputation for serving up delectable food and offering first-rate service. Making your big day memorable is a priority for our staff and team of talented chefs.

We recognize that your wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime occasion and we work hard to make it as flawless as we can. To help you choose the ideal solution for your taste and budget, we provide a wide selection of menu alternatives. In order to meet your requirements, we also provide customized catering menus for weddings.

Small Parties Catering Services In Kolkata

Nowadays small party carters are also organized by proper catering services. A proper catering service helps to provide the best quality food items to the guest. For small events, we provide a variety of cuisines and Specialty Catering Services. We can provide international cuisines to assist you to create an outstanding event or celebration.

Thanks to our expertise in managing corporate canteens and other business events, we have a long history of offering organizations options. Although it can be challenging to choose catering for a small party, we also offer delectable meals for smaller gatherings.

You should use our catering services if you're seeking Party Catering Services in Kolkata. We promise that every aspect of our services is useful and ultimately economical.

These are the few dishes that we serve on various types of occasions such as wedding parties, corporate parties, social events, and other occasions.

Corporate Party caterers in kolkata

We offer a variety of corporate and office catering services in Kolkata and we are known as party caterers in Kolkata. Consequently, receiving a seamless lunch service at your workplace is no longer a bother. We are available to protect you. We provide healthy and delicious food items at the parties to make the event unforgettable.

The Speciality Catering Services is intended to provide tiffin and lunch food that is both wholesome and delicious at a cost that is both reasonable and economical. Maintaining a healthy eating routine will gradually help you save money on your food bill by reducing the cost of eating out.

Astonishing delicacies can be made by our team of skilled and experienced chefs, who will leave your visitors speechless. You can construct a menu that is ideal for your event by choosing from a variety of customization choices that we provide.


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Why choose us as Best Party Caterers In Kolkata

We Speciality Catering Service is a reputed party carter in Kolkata and we provide the best quality cuisines to the customers. Planning the event as carefully as you prepare the cuisine has never been more crucial. Comprehensive food catering arrangements are the foundation of an event that is well-planned. Weddings, business gatherings, and other types of events can all be catered for by Speciality Catering Services, which specializes in providing outstanding catering services in Kolkata.

We serve both international and Indian cuisines at the party so choosing us will be a good decision for making your party unforgettable. Especially if you are holding an event, using catering services in Kolkata like Speciality Catering Services has several advantages. We can help reduce the burden associated with event preparation by delivering delectable food and beverages as well as handling all the details so you can concentrate on having a good time at your event.

We have 25+ experiences years in catering

We Speciality catering service and have 25+ years of experience in catering service. Because of this, we have a good reputation in the market. We cater for small parties and also organize things as per the requirement of the customer.

You may make your occasion hassle-free by using specialized catering services. We also provide high-quality cuisine for your event at reasonable pricing. People in Kolkata have recently developed a strong interest in both large and small parties as well as party catering services. The food offerings or occasion menu are a staple at both large and small gatherings.

From The PM’s Office To The IPL Ground

We have a good reputation in the market so we served the food in the PM's office. We are aware that corporate pirates are widespread and that a variety of people congregate there. Because of this, creating the ideal event takes extensive planning as well as amazing food selections.

As we are known as the party caterers in Kolkata, so we serve the food in IPL. This is a methodical approach, and our experienced staff members are master planners. If you're planning a party, Speciality Catering Services is your dependable catering partner as a corporate party catering service in Kolkata.

safety & hygiene aspects while serving and making

Our specialty catering services are mainly focused on the safety of the food and hygiene aspects. It helps to grab more attention from people. In order to maintain hygiene and safety we mainly used raw materials while making the food.

Moreover, our staff also maintain covid -19 safety protocols, as well as they, are using gloves while serving the food. Because of this we are the top party caterers in kolkata.

Plan Your party Event With Our Services

Our specialty catering services provide top facilities to guests for making their events more memorable. We provide various catering menus with prices in Kolkata.

In order to make your event or party amazing, feel free to contact us. We provide the best quality services for making your party unforgettable.

Included in full service are menu planning and preparation, food creation and presentation, plate and dinnerware, setting up tables, serving, and clean-up, among other things.

Food testing is something that many catering businesses in Kolkata offer.

Budget, Goal of the Event, Number of Guests, Menu, Flexibility, Appropriate Kitchen Equipment, Waiter, and Staff Behavior.

Always enquire about the catering service’s specialty. Their unique offerings and treats can end up being the night’s major attraction.

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