Why we are different/ USP?

Why we are different ?

Why we are Different

What makes Speciality Catering Service so ‘Special’?

The answer lies in our incredible cuisines, a passion for good food and a legacy of impeccable service. You have a choice of the best of all cuisines from some of the most awarded brands of the country. Each recipe is a unique revelation by master chefs with fresh ingredients of the best quality. Spices and sauces flown in from China, handmade pastas sourced in Italy, blue cheese of Denmark and many other authentic ingredients are at the heart of the deliciousness. We passionately believe in the power of food to forge great moments.

Quality Control & Hygienic Standards

At Speciality Restaurants, quality is not an accident. It is always a result of highintention, sincere effort and skillful execution, which has been our firm believe and philosophy. We ensure extreme stringent quality checks are ensured for our restaurants by our Chefs who have been certified by International Food Safety regulatory bodies like ServSafe and The Chartered Institute of Environmental Health. (CIEH), UK Our kitchen is CIEH (UK) and ISO certified and conforms to the highest International standard for quality. All the food ingredients used at our outlets including meat, poultry and dairy products are procured from registered vendors. Our chefs and the whole team, believes and practise in ensuring that the highest quality is served to our guests. This is a self-regulation adopted at all our outlets across the county from the time when we had just one outlet.

What Principles We Follow

We prepare and store safe food based on the 7 principles of HACCP (hazard analysis and critical control point).

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