How to Decide Catering Menu for Your Corporate Event?

No longer can business meetings get away with being “average.” The days of boring Corporate Event and gathering where the bare minimum of formality were observed everywhere are long gone.

Naturally, such occasions continue to be about celebrating new and improved figures, enormous transactions, tremendous inspiration, and a peek into the commercial future. Additionally, it appears to be a reliable way to win over the favor of a few well-known people and give star performers praise.

It’s not all rainbows and sunshine, though! A flawless corporate event execution is far more difficult than it first appears. Additionally, a big factor that can make or break a deal is the food you provide. This is the point where selecting high-end catering services becomes inevitable. The following is a list of things to consider as you finalize the corporate catering menu for your upcoming business event:

6 Catering Tips for Your Next Corporate Event Menu

1. Fix a Guest List

If you fix the exact number of guests in the event it will benefit you tremendously. It will not only save you money but will also allow you to plan to satisfy the appetite of your guests. It is really important to get this number right rather than going for an approx number. Because there’s nothing more embarrassing than a few guests roaming the hall without plates during dinner time.

2. Fix a Budget

Before you think about any other details of the event. Fix a budget for the event. The problem with the majority of the events is that people often lose track of the numbers and end up spending more than they are required to. But fixing a budget and keeping track of it ensures that your event is successful and you don’t even end up burning more cash in the process.

3. Consider Drinks

We all can agree that while setting up a catering menu for corporate events we often forget about drinks altogether and sometimes this reduces the satisfaction that the food might have provided. Because no matter how tasty the food might be, without drinks they won’t reach their full potential. That’s why while setting up a catering menu for corporate events always consider the drinks that you will be providing as add ons.

4. Go for a Buffet

Because you can never go wrong with a buffet. A buffet is one of the most desired services for corporate events and that’s too for the right reasons. A buffet allows the freedom to your employees to select only their favorite food and that too until they are fully satisfied. Although this might seem like a huge expenditure, if you look at the several discounts that the restaurants provide, this is the best deal you can find that will satisfy your employees along with ensuring that you don’t burn your pockets.

5. Diversify The Menu

Despite the fact that it is virtually impossible to please everyone, make an effort to keep the corporate catering menu as varied as you can. Think about both vegetarian and meat-based options. Avoid specializing in one side or the other. Try to offer low-calorie, gluten-free meal options for foodies who are health-conscious. Avoid foods that are very salty, spicy, or oily to be safe. Attempt to stay away from common allergens and give a lactose-free option.

6. Have Multiple Cuisines

Make sure to give a variety of food dishes from various cuisines so that there is something for everyone. Given the variety of people who will attend, sticking to one cuisine can end up costing you. Think outside the box and add some flavors from elsewhere.

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