Best Dishes to Select on Your Next Family Occasion

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Catering is an integral part of family gatherings, transforming events into unforgettable experiences and in the heart of Kolkata, renowned caterers like Speciality Catering bring a unique set of skills to the table, curating moments that resonate with the warmth of familial bonds.  Family occasions are not just about food; they are a blend … Read more

The Perfect Blend of Traditional and Contemporary Bengali Catering Services

Best bengali caterers in kolkata

Kolkata is a vibrant city with a diverse palate. The fusion of traditional and contemporary Bengali cuisine is not merely a culinary choice but a celebration of this region’s cultural evolution. At Speciality Catering, we recognize this and honour it by blending time-honoured recipes with modern twists in our menu and services, creating a … Read more

5 Great Ideas for Birthday Party Catering Under a Budget

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Birthdays are more than just milestones; they celebrate life growth and create memories for the future. These annual occasions bring friends and family together, creating moments of joy, laughter, and reflection, but budgeting for a party can become a headache sometimes.  In today’s fast-paced world, birthday party caterers have become integral in shaping memorable … Read more

Must-Try Dishes This Winter

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Catering service providers are integral to all occasions – family gatherings or corporate events. In a vibrant city where flavours and festivities intertwine, top catering services in Kolkata, like Speciality Catering, recognise seasonality’s pivotal role. That’s why we offer services that align with the season your event is in. It isn’t just about adapting … Read more

Looking for the best catering services? These tips will help!

Here are some amazing tips for choosing the best catering services for your special event.

Caterers play a pivotal role in shaping the overall experience for any event, whether casual or official. They are not just providers of meals but architects of ambience, curators of taste, and creators of memorable moments. In the realm of events, food acts as a centrepiece, a conversation starter, and an embodiment of hospitality. … Read more

5 Great Ideas for Wedding Reception Catering Under a Budget

5 Great Ideas for Wedding Reception Catering Under a Budget

The wedding reception holds immense significance in a couple’s journey. It’s a time when family and friends gather to commemorate the union, creating memories that will be cherished forever. Among various elements contributing to the event’s success, food plays a pivotal role. It serves as more than sustenance. That’s why the best wedding caterers … Read more

Flavors of Bengal: 9 Authentic Bengali Dishes You Must Try!

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Bengali cuisine, hailing from the culturally vibrant region of Bengal in India and Bangladesh, is renowned for its unparalleled richness and diversity. What makes it truly unique is its harmonious blend of sweet, spicy, and savoury flavours, diverse ingredients, and a rich historical tapestry that weaves together indigenous traditions, colonial influences, and regional abundance. … Read more

Signature Dishes: Showcasing the Unique Flavors of Kolkata

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Kolkata, often dubbed the “City of Joy,” is not only a cultural hub but also a culinary paradise renowned for its vibrant and distinct flavors. The city’s food scene blends tradition, history, and innovation. Speciality Catering is among the top caterers in Kolkata because we take pride in showcasing Kolkata’s unique flavors while offering … Read more

How Does Speciality Catering Explore the Diverse Culinary Offerings Of Bengal?

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Bengal cuisine, celebrated for its diverse and delectable offerings, is a testament to the region’s rich history and cultural tapestry. Encompassing a wide range of flavors, ingredients, and cooking techniques, Bengal cuisine showcases the dynamic nature of this Indian state; and if you’re looking for the best caterer in Kolkata, Speciality Catering is a … Read more

Traditional Bengali Cuisine: Exploring the Delights of Kolkata

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Traditional Bengali cuisine is a jewel of India’s culinary heritage with deep roots that stretch back centuries. This rich and diverse culinary tradition has been influenced by geography, history, multiple empires, and cultural exchanges, celebrated not only by Bengalis but by food enthusiasts across the country. At Speciality Catering, we pride ourselves as one … Read more