Bengali Wedding Menu Ideas With Prices In 2023

We know that food is the most important part of a Bengali wedding because there is a variety of cuisine. You already know that the Wedding Menu Ideas With Prices dominate most wedding planning conversations if you’re having a Bengali Biye.

The visitors will remember the meal for years, more than anything else. Bengalis are very much fascinated by their wedding menu ideas. In this regard, they are most likely to consider the support of good catering services in Kolkata

Are you a Bengali and have plans regarding a wedding? If yes, choose the best budget-friendly catering services in Kolkata. Nowadays, Bengalis also prefer fusion menus which are mainly good for adding a modern touch to the food section of the wedding. This blog will be appropriate for you if you are looking for different menu ideas for weddings. 

Different Types Of Bengali Wedding Menu Ideas With Prices:

There are various menus at a Wedding Menu Ideas With Prices which is the most important part for Bengalis. The pressure to come up with the ideal cuisine seems to be enormous.

Therefore you might want to browse a few blogs on Bengali Wedding Menu Ideas With Prices. In recent times, Bengali wedding menus such as starters, main courses, and desserts. Those various types of menus are discussed below.

Starter Bengali Wedding Menu Ideas:

As they set the tone for the entire meal and leave a lasting impression on guests, appetizers can play a significant role at a wedding. Starters, often called appetizers, are frequently served before the main course and are intended to pique visitors’ appetites and prepare them for the upcoming dinner.

In that case, the starter is mainly two types such as vegetarian starter and non-vegetarian starter. There are various vegetarian and non-vegetarian food items in the Bengali wedding menu ideas that are helpful to make the occasion memorable.  

Vegetarian Food Items For Bengali Weddings:

In today’s health-conscious days, many people love to eat Vegetarian Food. Below we share some of the best wedding Menu Ideas With Prices, that will help you to choose the best Bengali Wedding Menu.

1. Mochar chop:

The Bengali snack called “mocha chop” is called banana flower fritters. The dish is made from the “mocha,” or sensitive core leaves of the banana plant.

The leaves are minced finely and combined with a batter that contains flour, seasonings, and occasionally ground mustard seeds. Small patties made from the mixture are then deep-fried until crispy and brown.

Mochar chop can be consumed with chutneys or dips and is often served as an appetizer or snack.

2. Vegetarian Pakoras & Fritters:

Pokora is the most interesting starter for every Bengali occasion, especially weddings. These pakoras are usually made with various fried seasonal vegetables, including potatoes, onions, and cauliflower.

There are always too many weddings, especially in the winter.

3. Paneer Tikka:

A common Indian dish, paneer tikka, is created with paneer cubes marinated in a yogurt and spice mixture before being skewered and grilled or broiled. The vegetarian dish paneer tikka is a staple in many Indian eateries. This food item is also an amazing starter for the Bengali wedding menu. 

Non-Vegetarian Food Items For Bengali Weddings:

There are a few types of delicious non-vegetarian starters which are discussed below. 

1. Fish Finger Or Fish Fry:

Fish is the emotion for the Bengalis, and they usually consider fish in the very first place. A popular fish dish known as “fish finger” is formed from fish that has been battered or breaded, then deep-fried or baked. The fish is typically served as a snack, appetizer, or main meal and cut into long, thin strips or small bits.

2. Chicken Kabab & Mutton Kabab:

Bengali wedding menus frequently feature the well-liked foods mutton and chicken kabab. A kebab is a skewered, broiled, or grilled meal made of marinated meat or fish.

Chicken is marinated in yogurt, spices, and herbs concocted to make kabab. Once skewered, the marinated chicken is cooked on the grill or under the broiler. An appetizer or a main course can be served with the well-liked dish of chicken kabab.

3. Live Counter:

The live counter is another entertaining part of the Bengali wedding menu. Various food items are available at the live counter, which is listed below.

  • Fuchka

Fuchka is the preferable food item for Bengalis, so at every Bengali wedding, you will surely find fuchka. 

  • Papdi Chaat 

Bengalis have welcomed Papdi chaat with open arms, known by different names in various places but not just being of Bengali heritage.

  • Dahi Vada 

Dahi vada is a delicious food item; people also love its taste. Therefore most of the Bengalis at their wedding consider this food item a snack. 

Bengali Wedding Menu Main Course:

The main course is a vital part of every Bengali wedding menu, and it has a large plate ready for their visitors. In a traditional Bengali wedding, the wedding caterers in Kolkata can be seen seating guests and serving them food.

But today, this has essentially evolved into a buffet service. Two types of food items are available in the main Bengali wedding menu, which is discussed below. 

Bengali Wedding Vegetarian Main Course:

A few vegetarian food items are considered in the main course of a Bengali Wedding Menu Ideas With Prices. Those vegetarian food items of the main course are discussed below. 

Luchi Or Kochuri 

White flour-based fried and puffy bread. A kochuri is filled, whereas a luchi is plain. It can be considered vegetarian and non-vegetarian in the Bengali wedding menu.  

Alu Dum 

A common dish on a traditional Bengali wedding meal is aloor dum (sometimes spelled aloo dum). This well-liked vegetarian dish is frequently offered as a side dish or the main course. The meal can be served with biryani or pulao in addition to the traditional accompaniments of rice or roti. Visitors are guaranteed to enjoy this dish because it is both straightforward and delicious.

Chili Fulkopi 

Despite being somewhat late to Bengali cuisine, it has gained much popularity. Chilli Fulkopi, a dish prepared with unusual Chinese spices, is likely to be a hit.

Basanti Pulao 

The characteristic properties of Basanti Pulao, a historical Polao prepared with dry fruits and cooked in ghee, are its sweet fragrance and pale yellow hue.

Chanar Dalna

This popular Bengali meal is made from homemade cottage cheese balls, known as chhana, combined with Bengali spices and put in a curry.

Non-Vegetarian Menu:

Bengalis highly prefer non-veg food items and have added various non-veg food items to their Bengali Wedding Menu Ideas With Prices. Those delicious non-veg food items are discussed below.

1. Chicken/ Mutton Biryani:

Mutton or Chicken Bengali weddings traditionally feature the cuisine of biryani. This is a rice meal composed of herbs, spices, and meat. Chutney and raita, a condiment made of yogurt and frequently served with it. Bengali cuisine’s most well-known dish, biryani, is frequently offered at major events like weddings.

2. Chicken/ Mutton Chaap:

Chicken or Mutton Chaap is a traditional dish in Bengali cuisine, particularly at weddings. It is a type of meat dish that is made with marinated chicken or mutton, which is then cooked with a variety of spices and herbs. It is typically served with rice or roti and is considered a delicacy in Bengali cuisine. 

3. Ilish Vapa:

Hilsa fish boneless filets are wrapped in plantain leaves and steamed over low heat while seasoned in the mustard paste. A Bengali wedding meal features this specific preparation as an exceptional dish.

4. Chingri Malaikari: 

There is a good recipe for tiger prawns cooked in tomato paste and coconut milk. Bengalis consider this food item on the Bengali wedding menu. 


Dessert is the most loveable and precious part for every Bengali because there are various sweet food items. The traditional sweet dishes of the Bengali wedding menu are discussed below. 

1. Chutney 

Following the main course meal and a crunchy papad, chutney is served at any Bengali celebration. Chutneys can be made from virtually any type of fruit.

2. Rosogolla 

Rosogolla is the most popular sweet in Bengal. We can say that this sweet item is the signature dish of Bengali. It is mainly made with cottage cheese or sugar syrup.  

3. Kachagolla 

Kacha Golla will undoubtedly be your choice if you dislike excessive sweetness. Soft and creamy with no overwhelming sweetness. 

4. Misti Doi 

Misti Doi is the emotion of the Bengalis, so they mostly prefer mishti doi at the end of the meal. 

Bengali wedding menu ideas with prices 

The Bengali wedding menu platter starts from Rs.549/-. Various food items are included within this budget, from starters to desserts. Those food items are listed below. 


These food items are considered in the Bengali Wedding Menu Ideas, and all of these items are provided to the guests at affordable prices. So if you are planning a wedding and want to select a budget-friendly menu, you must contact the best catering services in Kolkata.