Which are good Bengali wedding caterers in Kolkata?

Are you looking for the best Bengali wedding caterers in Kolkata? In this article, you will learn how to choose Kolkata Bengali wedding caterers. Food plays a significant role in Bengali marriages and other celebrations. Thanks to history, Bengalis and exquisite food have a special bond rekindled during momentous occasions like weddings. The best Bengali wedding catering primarily focuses on building a good relationship with the clients and making the wedding memorable. 

This blog will discuss the best Bengali wedding caterers in Kolkata and their effective services. Nowadays, people want to organize their weddings grandly to make their wedding memories more special. So if you are looking for the best catering services in Kolkata, this blog will benefit you. 

Bengali wedding caterers in Kolkata

There are two types of menus commonly seen in Bengali weddings: non-veg items and veg items. As we know, Bengalis are very much non-veg lovers and mostly focus on the different types of non-veg items at weddings.

Fish, mutton, and chicken is the most important part of the Bengali wedding menu. Because of this, Bengali wedding caterers in Kolkata used to make various types of non-veg items to make the wedding menu more interesting.

Vegetarian items in Bengali are also very interesting because many delicious items help make the event unforgettable. In the vegetation food item, Bengalis prefer delicious curry. Apart from these, The meal at a Bengali wedding is an engaging, mouthwatering, and memorable experience since vegetarian and non-vegetarian Bengali culinary items are provided with Naan, Fulco Lucchi, White Rice, and Pulao.

Things to be considered before booking catering services in Kolkata 

Venue of the wedding

Catering should be customized for your selected location. It would help if you chose whether there would be a buffet or seats.


 Before hiring a Bengali catering service in Kolkata, you must decide on the menu because you must know the food you intend to serve your guests. Many Bengali wedding caterers in Kolkata offer pre-made menus with various traditional Bengali foods.

Special cuisine of the caterers 

Before making a reservation for Bengali wedding catering in Kolkata, this is undoubtedly the most crucial question to ask. If you are considering a particular kind of merchandise, it is crucial to inquire.

Top 3 Bengali wedding caterers in Kolkata 

There is the availability of reputed Bengali wedding caterers in Kolkata that are provided the best quality and delicious food items for the wedding. The best Bengali wedding caterers in Kolkata are listed below. 

1. Speciality catering services 

The top catering company in Kolkata is Specialty Catering Services, which creates delectable meals for the public to make their event unique.

It borrows equity and depends on the parent company’s strength, which can offer the best dishes from both Indian and other cuisines, including Chinese, Mediterranean, Modern European, Mexican, and of course, Indian and Bengali.

2. Black diamond Catering 

Black Diamond catering is a well-known catering service in Kolkata, and this caterer serves delicious food items at the wedding. Weddings, business gatherings, and other types of events can all be catered for by Black Diamond Caterer, which specializes in providing outstanding catering services in Kolkata and around India.

3. The Royal Cook Caterer

The Royal Cook Caterer offers a wide selection of wedding meals, making it the best catering company in Kolkata. Nowadays, individuals often favor eating vegetarian meals at weddings.

To simplify things, we decided to enter the food catering business a few years ago. The dishes we cook are delicious. We want to provide people with some of the tastiest food they have ever experienced.


As mentioned above, all these caterers are the best bengali wedding caterers in Kolkata. However, Speciality Catering Service is the best caterer in Kolkata, and it serves amazing food items at the wedding as per the clients’ demand. If you are looking for the best budget-friendly wedding catering services in Kolkata, you should consider Speciality Catering Services

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