Best Veg Caterer in Kolkata For wedding

Nowadays, choosing the Best Veg Caterer in Kolkata is very difficult because a huge number of catering services in Kolkata make vegetarian dishes for weddings.

Are you looking for the best Veg Caterer in Kolkata for your wedding? Most of the catering in Kolkata used various Bengali cuisines to make the wedding occasion memorable. There are numerous culinary options available to vegetarians. The cuisine you prepare for your wedding must also be delicious and extravagant.

This blog will discuss different types of Best Veg Caterer in Kolkata and their various cuisines. So, if you are a vegetarian lover and want to make your wedding menu full of vegetable cuisines, this blog will be perfect for you. 

Types of Best Veg Caterer in Kolkata

Businesses that provide veg catering services offer various services, including a buffet, cafeteria, full silver, and plated service.

These services are provided following client preferences and the occasion’s theme. Every type of service that the catering services industry provides has standardized practices that are discussed below.

1. Plated service 

The most typical and basic style of service is plated service, in which the caterer or server places all of the food on one plate and serves it to the diners.

2. Semi-silver service

The semi-silver service gained popularity because it resembles the plate service but separates the veggies from the main plate. The servers would inquire about the guests’ preferences for vegetables and help them set up their tables.

3. Buffet service 

Another service is the well-known buffet, which features a broad variety of appetizers, entrées, sides, and desserts on a long table.

The best veg caterers mainly offer these services, as mentioned above, in Kolkata because people can celebrate their wedding as per their choice. 

Top 3 best veg catering in Kolkata for wedding 

There are 3 of the best veg wedding caterers in Kolkata which provide the best quality veg cuisine for the wedding. Those best veg caterers’ names and their menus are discussed below. 

1. Speciality catering services 

Specialty Catering services is the best veg catering in Kolkata that makes delicious food items for the people to make their event unforgettable. With the special benefit of providing the best dishes from both Indian and other cuisines, including Chinese, Mediterranean, Modern European, Mexican, Indian and Bengali, it borrows equity. It relies on the power of the parent firm. 

2. Royal cook caterer 

The Royal Cook Caterer is the veg catering in Kolkata because it serves various wedding dishes. Nowadays people also prefer to eat vegetarian food on wedding occasions. We entered the food catering business a few years ago to simplify things for you. The meals we prepare are to die for. We want to provide individuals with some of the most delicious food they have tasted.

3. La Fiesta catering 

Team La Fiesta comprises highly skilled and driven hospitality professionals with extensive and practical experience working at five-star hotels like Taj Bengal, The Park, and others. The team’s sole goal is to offer guests top-notch culinary services that uphold the standards of five-star hotels worldwide.

Best wedding vegetable menu items

These 3 best veg catering services are served with the best quality and delicious veg food items to make the wedding memorable.

As we, the Bengali people, live in Kolkata, most veg catering services are slightly inclined toward Bengali food items to maintain traditional values. Those veg food items on the Bengali wedding menu are listed below. 

  • Mochar chop
  • Paneer kebab 
  • Papdi chaat 
  • Dahi fuchka/ Fuchka 
Main course 
  • Luchi/ Kochuri
  • Alur dum 
  • Cholar dal 
  • Chili fulkopi
  • Pulao
  • Channar kopta 
  • Paneer curry 
  • Chutney 
  • Rasogolla
  • Sondesh 
  • Kheer Kadam 
  • Misti Doi
  • Ice-cream 


These are the common veg food items on the wedding menu in Kolkata, and all of these items are served by the best veg caterers in Kolkata.

For the booking purpose you can contact Speciality catering services because they serve the best quality food items on occasion at an affordable price and also meet the demand of the guests. So, if you are planning a wedding and want to serve delicious veg food items, you should choose specialty catering services as the best Veg Caterer in Kolkata.  

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