Catering cost per plate in kolkata for Wedding

In a reputed catering company, there is a catering cost per plate in Kolkata for the people to arrange the appropriate food items for the wedding; choosing the perfect catering service is essential. Therefore, catering services play a vital role in weddings because food is a critical factor for Kolkata. 

Do you want to know the cost of each plate for the catering services at the wedding? If yes, in this blog, we give you an idea about the average cost of catering services for Kolkata’s wedding occasions. In addition, this blog will also discuss the various types of menus at the wedding and their cost. 

Catering cost per plate in Kolkata

For weddings, caterers are frequently required to offer food and beverages. The wedding couple and their guests may enjoy the celebration without worrying about cooking or serving themselves because they can handle all parts of food service, including menu design, food preparation, and serving.

In this regard, choosing the best catering services in Kolkata is essential to make the occasion memorable. Additionally, caterers frequently offer a variety of choices and can satisfy any dietary requirements or preferences that visitors may have.

The wedding couple and their relatives can benefit much from their management of the setup and cleanup of the food service area.

What are the different menu types provided by the Catering cost per plate in Kolkata for Weddings?

Recently choosing the best catering services in Kolkata has been very challenging because of the competition of the catering services. Most of the caterers in Kolkata provide various services to the guests per the client’s requirements.

Therefore, depending on the menu options chosen, many different food items can be offered during a wedding reception, and the costs will vary. The following is a discussion of some of the most well-liked options for wedding catering.

Starter: Starter is the beginning of the wedding menu and mainly serves the initial stage of the occasion. Soups, salads, tiny plates, and finger meals are a few starters. They can be savory or sweet and served hot or cold.

Main course: Usually, the bulk of the catering expense represents the main meal. This is so diners can choose from a wide variety of meat, seafood, poultry, and vegetarian main course selections.

Dessert: A dessert is a common choice at weddings. Dessert selections from caterers may include cakes, pies, cookies, and ice cream. 

How much does a wedding event cost?

The most excellent caterers in Kolkata typically bill by the head or the plate. In other words, you will be charged according to how many guests show up at your wedding event. If you choose a particular meal, they could charge you differently.

They will first consider how many guests you plan to invite to your wedding. Then, they will provide you with a quote for the food and beverages based on that. There are various types of Catering costs per plate in Kolkata. The starting cost of plates is  Rs.1000 to Rs. 2500

What does a wedding catering service typically cost in Kolkata?

Depending on the menu and services provided, Kolkata’s average cost of a wedding catering service can change. There are various types of cost-per-plate catering in Kolkata which mainly depend on the requirement of the customers.

However, most caterers bill by the number of guests, and a minimum attendance is typically required. Usually, the average cost per plate wedding catering from Rs. 1,000 to Rs. 2,500. These expenses cover meals, beverages, labor, supplies, and other charges.

Many caterers in Kolkata provide reasonable packages if you’re seeking a cost-effective solution. For instance, some caterers might have a set fee for a certain number of attendees, while others might give a discount for making early reservations.


The best Wedding catering service in Kolkata is mainly to provide the best quality services to the guests and set the menu according to the guests’ demand based on the catering services and menu chosen. Therefore, before selecting a caterer, you must ask about the costs.

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