Budget-friendly Wedding Menu Ideas for 2023

Weddings are important for every Indian because they exchange their values with each other’s family. In the Indian wedding, food is the vital part, so choosing the best  Budget-friendly Wedding Menu Ideas is highly required. Indian weddings are colorful and abundant celebrations lasting over three days, each meal being a delectable delight. 

Are you planning for the wedding? If yes, you should choose the budget-friendly wedding menu, which will help to make your occasion memorable. So, in this blog, we will share a few ideas regarding choosing budget-friendly wedding menu ideas for the future. 

5 Ideas to arrange a Budget-friendly wedding menu

A sizable portion of your wedding costs will go toward the catering bill. But it isn’t necessarily the case. Here, we offer some clever advice on how to lower your wedding’s catering expenses without sacrificing the caliber of the cuisine served to your guests. The best 5 ideas regarding budget-friendly wedding menus are discussed below. 

1. Reduce the variety of foods

Serving various types of cuisines at the wedding is good, but there are better options than serving back-to-back food items to the guests. You can cut costs on the main courses by providing visitors with filling appetizers rather than little bits. Alternatively, you can skip the soups and salads and go straight to the main dishes. In order to serve the food systematically, you need to choose the best catering services in Kolkata, which will help you to select the best cuisines wisely. 

2. Switch to Local Ingredients Instead of Expensive

We know how fast the cost of offering unusual products from other nations and states can increase. For instance, you could serve inexpensive local fish instead of crab, lobster, shrimp, and other exotic seafood. Using local food ingredients is useful to enhance the taste of the food. 

3. Decide to use live counters 

Food waste is a major factor in the wedding party catering menu expenses going overboard. When ordering for many guests, people sometimes discover that only a small portion of those guests show up on the big day. Top wedding caterers in Kolkata provide live counter facilities on occasion. Live counters can help you save money because each guest’s meal is freshly made, reducing food waste.

4. Not to use fancy stuff 

In order to avoid unnecessary costs at the wedding, using something other than fancy stuff is a good option. It can help to manage the budget for the wedding. Serve healthful and fulfilling food that your guests will love rather than extravagant meals that cost a fortune. So, if you are planning a budget-friendly wedding menu, you must avoid unnecessary fancy stuff.  

5. Drink in moderation

The majority of your guests anticipate the wedding bar. However, it doesn’t follow that you must offer a complete bar. Instead, stick to the favorites so that most of your guests will be satisfied. You should choose the best wedding caterer in Kolkata, which will serve the drinks in moderation. 

Why a budget-friendly menu is needed for your wedding

The budget-friendly wedding menu is very much needed at the wedding because it helps to organize things as per your requirement. Selecting low-cost menus will help to save a huge amount of money and time. In this regard, planning budget-friendly wedding menu ideas for 2023 is important. So if you are planning a budget-friendly wedding, you must avoid unnecessary things. 


There are many wedding caterers in Kolkata with rates that are used to make proper budget-friendly wedding menu ideas. Because of the proper budget plan, you can add other important things to your wedding to make it memorable. 

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