Must-Try Dishes This Winter

Catering service providers are integral to all occasions – family gatherings or corporate events. In a vibrant city where flavours and festivities intertwine, top catering services in Kolkata, like Speciality Catering, recognise seasonality’s pivotal role. That’s why we offer services that align with the season your event is in.

It isn’t just about adapting to temperature changes. It’s a culinary symphony that taps into the freshest ingredients, embraces regional traditions, and satisfies seasonal cravings, and Speciality Catering stands at the forefront of the catering industry, addressing this need with finesse. 

As winter descends, crafting the perfect catering menu needs expertise. Winter offerings are not just meals; they are experiences that capture the desire for warmth and comfort of the season. 

In a city with a diverse palate that celebrates every nuance of culinary mastery,  commitment to seasonal excellence sets caterers apart, filling a crucial gap in the culinary landscape of Kolkata.

13 Dishes to Try This Winter

Catering tailored to the seasons is an art that transforms dining into an immersive experience. As seasons change, so do our culinary cravings, and top caterers like Speciality Catering bridge this gap seamlessly with these delectable winter-specific offerings:

  • Chicken Pot Pie

This savoury winter delight features tender chunks of chicken and vegetables in a creamy sauce, all encased in a flaky, buttery crust.

  • Hot Rasgullas

The sweetness of this world-renowned delicacy is perfect for chilly evenings, especially when they come dipped in sugar syrup of goodness.

  • Chicken Stew

The perfect winter meal is a comforting bowl of chicken stew brimming with vegetables and aromatic herbs.

  • Hot Chocolate

A winter classic, hot chocolate is more than a beverage; it’s a comforting hug in a mug. Top it with marshmallows or a dollop of whipped cream for an extra treat.

  • Rajma Chawal

A North Indian staple, rajma (kidney beans) served with steamed rice provides a hearty and warming winter dish for people across communities and ages.

  • Butter Chicken

Creamy and flavorful, butter chicken is a favourite across seasons that pairs well with naan or steamed rice.

  • Gajar ka Halwa

A winter classic, this carrot-based dessert is rich, warm, and infused with aromatic cardamom.

  • Roasted Sweet Potatoes

Simple yet satisfying, roasted sweet potatoes with a sprinkle of winter spices make for a nutritious and delicious winter snack.

  • Apple Pie

Warm apple pie, with a flaky crust and cinnamon-infused apples, is a quintessential winter dessert you should try this winter if you haven’t.

  • Tomato Basil Soup
  • Baked Macaroni and Cheese
A classic tomato basil soup, served piping hot, is a comforting and nourishing appetizer for chilly winter evenings.

A winter comfort food classic in colder countries, baked macaroni and cheese is a gooey, cheesy delight that appeals to all ages.

  • Shepherd’s Pie

A quintessential winter dish, shepherd’s pie combines seasoned ground meat (traditionally lamb or mutton) with vegetables, topped with a layer of creamy mashed potatoes.

  • Apple Cinnamon Crisp

Warm, spiced apples topped with a crunchy cinnamon-infused crumbly topping baked to perfection is the epitome of cosy winter indulgence.

Bonus Delight: Mulled Wine

Spice up your winter gatherings with mulled wine—a warm concoction of red wine infused with spices like cinnamon, cloves, and orange peel.

Why These Dishes?

Winter is a season that invites indulgence. From rich and creamy to spiced and savoury, each dish is designed to bring joy and satisfaction during the colder months. Whether curled by the fireplace or sharing a meal with loved ones, these must-try winter dishes will elevate your dining experience and make the season delightful.

How Speciality Catering Stands Out Among the Top Catering Services in Kolkata

When curating the best catering menu for winter, seasoned caterers like us ensure that each dish is a comforting symphony of warmth and flavour. Some of our strengths that make our clients’ celebrations memorable in the chilly weather are:

Experienced Culinary Team

Our experienced team brings creativity and expertise to the table, ensuring that each dish is a masterpiece of winter gastronomy.

Impeccable Service

Beyond the menu, our service is marked by professionalism and attention to detail. From planning to execution, our team ensures that your event flows seamlessly, allowing you to enjoy every moment.

Seasonal Excellence in Winter Catering

As winter sets in, our dedication to seasonal excellence shines. Our winter menu is a carefully curated selection of dishes that capture the warmth and flavours of the season. From hearty stews to decadent desserts, each dish celebrates winter’s delights.

Fresh Ingredients & Premium Quality

With a commitment to using seasonal and fresh ingredients, we ensure that each dish on our menu is a celebration of flavours.

Quality matters, and we source the freshest local ingredients to ensure each dish tells a story of authenticity and richness while keeping the costs down.

Innovative & Trendsetting Culinary Skills

At Speciality Catering, our chefs are culinary artists, infusing innovation into every dish. Our commitment to pushing the boundaries of flavour and presentation skills sets us apart in the catering landscape of a vibrant city like Kolkata.

Customization for Every Occasion

Whether it’s a festive celebration or an intimate gathering, no two events are alike, and we pride ourselves on tailoring our services to suit the unique requirements of every occasion. Your celebration deserves a menu as distinctive as your event.

Client Feedback is Our Priority

Our clients are at the heart of everything we do. We prioritize your preferences, themes, and cultural nuances, ensuring our catering aligns perfectly with your vision.

Memorable Culinary Journeys

At Speciality Catering, we don’t just cater; we curate memorable culinary journeys. We see each bite as an experience and each event as a canvas for us to paint a gastronomic masterpiece for your special day.

In conclusion, if you’re looking for a culinary journey that transcends the ordinary, explore our menu at our website and let Speciality Catering elevate your winter celebrations with warmth and plates full of flavour!

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