Top 5 Catering Trends in Kolkata for 2023

Nowadays, most of the 5 Catering Trends in Kolkata follow various types of trends, which help to make the occasion innovative. Without food, a Bengali wedding is incomplete. Traditional platters, as well as exceptional hospitality, can be found at Indian weddings. The catering sector in Kolkata, India, is constantly changing, with new trends developing every year. As we approach 2023, various catering concepts are predicted to acquire traction in Kolkata.

In this blog, we will discuss the 5 Catering Trends in Kolkata for 2023 and the vital service of Kolkata catering. These trends, from fusion cuisine to sustainable practices, reflect evolving consumer preferences and a growing need for unique and personalized catering experiences.

The primary purpose of following the latest catering trends in Kolkata 

Following the newest catering trends allows businesses to remain competitive while meeting their clients’ changing demands and tastes. Customers are continuously looking for new and inventive eating experiences in the catering market, which is highly competitive. Businesses may separate themselves from the competition and provide their consumers with unique and memorable dining experiences by remaining up to speed with the newest catering trends. Consumers are generally prepared to pay a premium for unique and individualized dining experiences, and catering services that match these expectations will fare well in the market.

Advantage of the most recent catering trends for 2023

In order to get competitive advantages in the market, most of the catering services in Kolkata have been following the 5 Catering Trends in Kolkata for 2023. Following the current catering trends may provide the following benefits:

  • Improved customer satisfaction: By providing the most recent catering trends, you are more likely to satisfy your clients’ shifting preferences and expectations.
  • Increased profitability: Being current on trends can help you attract new consumers and maintain existing ones. This can lead to more significant sales and income, boosting your profitability.
  • Enhance creativity: Observing current trends might encourage you to be more creative and imaginative with your menu offerings, presentation, and service.
  • Improved use of technology: The most recent catering trends frequently involve improving the client experience. By implementing modern technologies, you may streamline your processes, boost efficiency, and deliver a more seamless customer experience.

Top 5 Catering Trends in Kolkata

Remembering that catering trends can change fast and usually alter by season is critical. As a result, the information displayed may need to be updated or completed. But, it’s crucial to remember that catering trends can shift quickly, and staying current on industry advancements is critical to be competitive. The top 5 catering trends in Kolkata are mentioned below.

1. Eco-friendly catering services 

Catering businesses in Kolkata are increasingly implementing environmentally friendly techniques into their operations. To lower carbon footprint, use biodegradable packaging, reduce food waste, and source foods locally.

2. Personalized catering services

In the catering industry, customization is becoming increasingly vital. Customers now expect caterers to provide customized meals and services that suit their unique wants and tastes. One of the benefits of personalized catering is that it allows customers to create a one-of-a-kind experience that reflects their style and likes. This is particularly crucial for weddings, where the couple may have a specific vision for the cuisine and presentation.

3. Live counters 

Live counters are a popular catering concept in which food is prepared and served to attendees at weddings, celebrations, and corporate events. Food items available at live counters include chaat, pasta, sushi, grilled meats, and desserts. This can provide guests with a more personalized and gratifying experience.

4. Fusion cuisine 

Kolkata has long been known for its unique cuisine culture. Chefs in Kolkata are experimenting with merging traditional and modern cooking approaches to create unique and intriguing dishes as fusion cuisine grows in popularity.

5. Healthy catering 

Healthy catering is also considered in the latest 5 Catering Trends in Kolkata for 2023. With a focus on health and fitness, Kolkata catering firms now provide healthier options that are minimal in calories, sugar, and fat. This is a common trend among the fitness-conscious younger generation.


These are the latest top 5 catering trends for 2023 in Kolkata. The primary purpose of this is to make the occasion memorable. Because of this, people can enjoy different types of food items and charge up their taste buds. 

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