Traditional Bengali Cuisine: Exploring the Delights of Kolkata

Image of Traditional Bengali Cuisine which are famous in Oh Calcutta

Traditional Bengali cuisine is a jewel of India’s culinary heritage with deep roots that stretch back centuries. This rich and diverse culinary tradition has been influenced by geography, history, multiple empires, and cultural exchanges, celebrated not only by Bengalis but by food enthusiasts across the country. At Speciality Catering, we pride ourselves as one … Read more

Top 5 Catering Trends in Kolkata for 2023

5 Catering Trends in Kolkata

Nowadays, most of the 5 Catering Trends in Kolkata follow various types of trends, which help to make the occasion innovative. Without food, a Bengali wedding is incomplete. Traditional platters, as well as exceptional hospitality, can be found at Indian weddings. The catering sector in Kolkata, India, is constantly changing, with new trends developing … Read more

Types of Event Catering?

Types of Event Catering ?

In recent years organizing a perfect party has been very difficult for people. Catering is an important part of every successful event, whether a wedding, corporate occasion, or social gathering. Depending on the nature of the event, the number of visitors, and the desired level of service, many types of event catering can be … Read more

Outdoor Catering Services In Kolkata

Outdoor Catering Services

In order to treat your guests to delicious food, choosing the best Outdoor Catering Services is essential. It might be a gathering planned along a riverside, a party on the lawn, or a wedding on the terrace. Regardless of the venue you have chosen for your important event; Speciality Catering Service is your one-stop … Read more

Catering cost per plate in kolkata for Wedding

Catering cost per plate in kolkata for Wedding

In a reputed catering company, there is a catering cost per plate in Kolkata for the people to arrange the appropriate food items for the wedding; choosing the perfect catering service is essential. Therefore, catering services play a vital role in weddings because food is a critical factor for Kolkata.  Do you want to … Read more