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Weeding is a precious affair for the Bengalis, who want to celebrate it greatly. Food is vital for a Bengali wedding because it showcases the culture. In order to celebrate the wedding in an actual Bengali tradition, people first consider a proper Bengali wedding menu. Recent wedding trends indicate that the food is what guests are most interested in.

So this blog will discuss the various types of Bengali menu ideas and their prices. This will help people to select their food items according to their affordability. If you are planning to get married and are confused about choosing the menu, this blog will be ideal. 

Types of Bengali wedding menu:

Nowadays, Wedding catering services are following the latest trends in the menu to make the occasion memorable. The success of the marriage ceremony is attributed to excellent planning, ideal menu choices, and outstanding food quality.

Due to this, hosts of such events frequently struggle to choose between a conventional menu and a modern mixed food menu. Modern food menus are put together using both Western and other Indian cuisines. So if you want a memorable occasion, you must choose the best Bengali menu for a wedding

Various types of Bengali wedding food menu lists are discussed below,

Traditional Bengali Wedding Menu:


Traditional Bengali Wedding Menu


Non-vegetarian Bengali wedding starter menu 

  • Chicken/ Mutton kebab, chicken lollipops, and chicken balls
  • Fish fingers/ fish cutlet
  • Kobiraji cutlet

Vegetarian Bengali wedding starter menu 

  • Paneer Tikka 
  • Veg pakora
  • Vegetable balls
  • Veg-pasta

Live counters for Bengali wedding menu

  • Fuchka
  • Papadi chaat
  • Dahi Vada or  Doi Bora

Bengali wedding menu main course:

A large platter is set out for the guests during a wedding in Bengal. Guests are seated and served food by the wedding caterers during a typical Bengali wedding. In the main course of the Bengali wedding menu, veg and non-veg food items are served as per the demand of the guests. 

Bengali Wedding Vegetarian main course menu 

  • Luch/ kochuri 
  • Alur dom/ cholar dal 
  • Chili fulkopi/ 
  • Basanti pulao 
  • Chanar dalna/ Chili paneer 

Non-vegetarian menu 

  • Chicken/ mutton biryani
  • Mutton chaap or chicken chaap
  •  Plain rice 
  • Ilish paturi 
  • Chingri malai curry 
  • Doi Rui 


  • Chutney 
  • Papad 
  • Misti 
  • Rosogolla
  • Kacha Golla
  • Misti Doi 

These authentic Bengali menus are well-known in the Bengali wedding menu. The production of delicacies using locally obtained foods is one of the most recent trends in wedding catering services. The price of this menu platter is around Rs-1200/- per person.

Bengalis mainly invite their guests at night, so they prefer a perfect dinner Bengali wedding menu to make the event more glorious. 

Few caterers are following a new trend: fusion Bengali wedding menus. This type of menu is very attractive, and the food tastes delicious. Some fusing Bengali wedding menus are listed below.

Starter for fusion Bengali wedding menu: 


Fusion Bengali Wedding Menu

  • Vegetarian starter 
  • Roasted baby potatoes.
  • Fried baby corn.

Non-vegetarian Starter 

  • Chicken nuggets
  • Mini Pizzas

Main course Vegetarian 

  • Spaghetti or Fusion Pasta
  • Vegetable noodles 

Non-vegetarian menu 

  • Baked fish with lemon sauce
  • Grilled Fish
  • Chicken and vegetable Salad


  • Baked rosogolla
  • Ice Cream with brownies 
  • Fruit chutney 

This type of menu is very trending in the Bengali wedding and is very budget-friendly. So, if you want to set your wedding menu differently, you should choose the Fusion Bengali wedding menu.


This blog concludes the different types of Best Bengali wedding menu ideas with their prices. It will help you choose the best Bengali wedding menu to make your wedding memorable.

We know that a wedding typically involves a huge amount of money, so before choosing the menu, you must ensure the service quality of the catering and the price of the platters. 

This blog discusses two types of menus: a traditional Bengali wedding menu and a fusion Bengali menu; now it’s your turn to let us know by a comment which type of wedding menu you will consider for your wedding. 

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