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Celebrating Indian marriages is the most entertaining affair you can think of. You should consider the following Veg Menu For Weddings if you and your guests are vegetarians. Vegetarians have an excess of food options available to them. Furthermore, it is crucial that the food you plan for your wedding be tasty and lavish.

So this blog will discuss the different types of veg menus for weddings. Sharing with you some mouth-watering Veg Menu Ideas For an Indian Wedding.

We know that in India, there are various types of people with different food habits. That’s why we share Indian Wedding Food Menu Lists and Ideas that help you to get some interesting ideas about Indian Wedding menus.

If you plan to set a vegetarian menu for your wedding, this blog will be helpful for you.

Before we start our Indian Wedding Veg Menu ideas blog we want to tell you after selecting your menus for weddings the most important part is to select good caterers.

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Now, Let’s begin this article.

Types Of Veg Menu For Weddings:

In India there are many types of people are living. So the Veg Wedding Menu also varies according to the culture & location. Like you found here South Indian wedding Menus, North Indian Wedding menus, Bengali Wedding Menu Lists, and many more.

There are various vegetarian menus, and you can differentiate them into three sections starters, main courses, and desserts. An ideal catering service for a wedding usually sets the best veg menu for an Indian wedding to make the event glorious. The different types of food items in the veg menu are listed below. 

Starter Veg Menu For Wedding:

Starter Veg Menu For Wedding

  • Veggie Cheese Corn Balls for a Wedding Menu

Combined, the two delightful ingredients of corn and cheese create a meal that is impossible to refuse. Cheese Corn Balls are a crunchy snack that will be a kid’s favorite because cheese oozes out of them. Nowadays, this is a very popular veg menu for wedding parties. 

  • Green kebab 

North Indian fried patties made with spinach, peas, and potatoes are known as “green kebab,” a highly popular appetizer. This term refers to a kebab loaded with vegetables. Spinach and green peas are the vegetables that are green in this dish. These are healthy because they combine the greatest aspects of spinach and green peas.

  • Paneer Tikka 

Flavorful yet straightforward paneer tikka masala. It is made of pan-fried, golden-brown paneer pieces with a luscious tomato sauce that makes it impossible to resist. 


  • Ice cream shake 
  • Crushes 
  • Masala cold drinks 

Main course Veg Menu For Indian Wedding:

Main course Veg Menu For Indian Wedding:

  • Gobi Masala 

This cauliflower dish is wonderful since it is cooked with various spices. It pairs beautifully with parathas basted in butter.

  • Dal Makhani 

One of the most well-known lentil dishes, Dal Makhani, is a staple of North Indian cuisine cooked using whole black lentils. Therefore, you should include this food item in your Veg wedding menu.

  • Veg Pulao

This then gives the rice a fragrant, mild flavor. Moreover, cooking vegetables with ghee and oil brings out their flavor.

  • Dosa sambar

Many Indians adore the masala dosa. The thin, crepe-like dosa, filled with hot potatoes, provides a full and extremely healthful food item.

  • Chole kulche 

This food item is very popular among veg food items, and it is very delicious. It tastes much better when drizzled with a little butter and served with a fresh salad of pickled vegetables.

Desserts For Indian Weddings:

This is one of the favorite sections for maximum people in India. Especially for Children. Below we share the best sweet items for marriage.

Desserts For Indian Weddings

  • Ice-cream 
  • Rasmalai
  • Gulab jamun 

These are the perfect veg menu for Wedding and reception parties. While making the food, you must ensure the taste and quality of the food, which can help you to make your event memorable.

But nowadays, couples want to offer dinner and ensure that it is simple, basic, and wholesome. So if you plan to set an ideal veg menu for your wedding, go for it because it will make it memorable. 


This blog concludes with various food items in the Veg menu for weddings. In order to set a proper menu for a wedding, you must choose an appropriate Wedding caterer who serves all the food by maintaining all safety and hygiene.

Different parts of India have different food habits, so when you set the menu for the wedding, you must remember the people’s dietary habits. 

This blog listed various types of food items on the veg menu.

Now it’s your turn to let us know by the comment which extra food item you want to include in the veg menu for an Indian wedding.

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