Indian Wedding Food Menu Lists And Ideas

Food is a crucial part of the Indian wedding because it helps to make your wedding unforgettable.  Adding the latest food items to the Indian wedding food menu list will be greatly appreciated.

Additionally, the cuisine you plan for your wedding must be delectable and lavish. You can be sure that your guests will constantly grumble if it is not delicious. 

So, this blog will discuss the latest items in the marriage food menu list of the Indians like, south or bengali wedding menu to make their event more memorable. There are various types of cultural people who live in India, so it is obvious that they have different food preferences.

So if you are interested to know more about Indian wedding food menus, this blog will be helpful for you. 

Types Of Indian Wedding Food Menu:

Nowadays, the menu of food items is divided into three sections: starters, main courses, and desserts. Different types of the menu for Indian weddings are discussed below. 

Starter Indian Wedding Food Menu :

We can see the various starters in the Indian wedding menu list, such as chats, snacks, and beverages. 


This food item is mainly combined with various spicy foods, and people can enjoy the other food item at the wedding function. A few chaat items are listed below, considered in both veg and non-veg food items. 

  • Paani puri or Fuchka 
  • Papdi chaat 
  • Dahi vada 
  • Aalu chaat
  • Dhokla 
  • Raj kachori 
  • Mini samosa with green chutney 


Vegetarian snacks

  • Paneer Tikka
  • Aalu Tikki
  • Veg cutlet
  • Veg kebab
  • Aalo bonda 
  • Veg momos 
  • Vegetable noodles/ pasta 
  • Chili potato 
  • Chili baby corns 

Non-vegetarian snacks: 

  • Chicken kebab
  • Grilled chicken 
  • Fish finger 
  • Fish balls
  • Grilled fish 
  • Chicken momos
  • Chicken and prawn noodles/Pasta
  • Egg devil 

Beverages Indian Wedding Food Menu

Every Indian snack is incomplete without beverages because people want to enjoy both sweet and spicy items simultaneously. It will keep your visitors comfortable. Here are some of the coolest beverages to include on your Indian wedding menu.

Most importantly, a perfect menu consists between the beverages and the starter food items of the events. In order to set endless beverage options for the guest, you need to contact an ideal Wedding caterers who will serve you the best qualities of food items in your marriage food menu

  • Iced Tea
  • Gola 
  • Aam Panna 
  • Cold Coffee
  • Lassi
  • Sarbat
  • Thandai
  • Nimbu Paani
  • Watermelon Juice
  • Mixed Fruit Juice
  • Orange Juice
  • Shots 
  • Coca cola 
  • Virgin mojito 
  • Pineapple and guava juice 

Main Course Indian Wedding Food Menu:

There are a variety of main courses in the Indian wedding menu list, and all the food items are very delicious. Veg and non-veg items are also considered in the main courses of the Indian wedding menu. Both veg and non-veg food items are listed below. First we started from veg menu for wedding list.

Vegetarian food items: 

  • Puri
  • Naan 
  • Butter naan 
  • Laccha paratha
  • Kulcha 
  • Vegetable pulao
  • Rajma
  • Paneer Kofta
  • Navratan korma
  • Dum Aloo 
  • Chana dal 
  • Chole 
  • Dal makhani 

Non-vegetarian food items: 

  • Naan 
  • Kulcha 
  • Tandoori roti
  • Butter chicken 
  • Mutton biryani/ chicken biriyani 
  • Mutton or chicken chaap
  • Chili fish 
  • Prawn curry 
  • Fish curry 
  • Pulao 
  • Chicken 65
  • Chili chicken 

Desert Indian Wedding Food Menu:

Desert is the most amazing and interesting part of the Indian wedding menu list. Every occasion is incomplete without sweets, which also helps to relax your taste buds. There are various types of sweet items for marriage in Indian weddings, which are listed below.

  • Gulab Jamun
  • Jalebi
  • Kheer
  • Dry Fruits Kheer
  • Kesar Kheer
  • Rasgulla
  • Ice cream
  • Ghevar
  • Kulfi 


This blog concludes with the various food items that make the Indian wedding menu attractive. Nowadays, people are trying to follow the latest trends to choose the proper menu for the wedding.

Because food is the main thing to stay in people’s minds for a long time, this blog post is for you if you are organizing a wedding and haven’t decided what to serve for meals yet. 

We know that you’re planning to marriage soon, to make your Wedding or Marriage memorable you need to choose a reputed caterers.

Are you looking for the best Wedding Catering Services In Kolkata then you contact us to know how we will organize your Wedding properly.

Now it’s time to let us know which new food item you want to include in your wedding menu. 

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