20 Popular Sweets For Indian Wedding Catering

Dessert and sweet is a crucial part of every Indian wedding function. Desserts are the best since they quickly make you happier. If you want to celebrate your wedding properly, you need to choose the best Sweets For Indian Wedding. There are numerous dessert options, ranging from pies and cakes to cookies, that you can include on your party menu.

This blog will discuss the top 15 desserts for Indian weddings, mainly served by catering. Precious items for marriage are mainly served after the main course because they will help you relax your taste buds. If you are planning a wedding and worry about choosing desserts, this blog will be helpful for you. 

There is a massive availability of sweets suitable for making your wedding platter more attractive. Sweets are always unique for the Indians to celebrate their wedding or other functions. A few sweets for Indian weddings are listed below.

20 Popular Sweets For Indian Wedding Catering:

Many Indian people arrange veg menu for wedding but today we share with you top 20 most popular Sweets For Indian Wedding.

20 Popular Sweets For Indian Wedding Catering Infographic:

20 Popular Sweets For Indian Wedding Catering

1. Rasgulla 

Rashogulla is a famous and typical sweet, primarily seen in sweet items for marriage. You can find this items for every Bengali wedding menu. for This is one of the The origin of this sweet is West Bengal, so Bengalis consider this desert on every occasion, especially for weddings. Rasgullas are mainly made with chenna and sugar syrup, becoming more popular at Indian weddings. 

2. Laddo 

Indian Wedding Food Menu are available in various type & very delicious too. The most well-known dessert in India is Ladoo. There is never a wrong time to serve ads, no matter the occasion! In Indian weddings, Boondi Laddoos are explicitly made.

3. Milk cake or Sandesh:

Milk cake or Sandesh is another popular Indian wedding dessert with creamy, sweet, and delectable confection prepared from thickened milk. The best part is that barfis can be topped with anything, including dried fruits.

4. Gulab jamun:

An Indian wedding is incomplete without gulab jamun because the taste of it is very delicious. Spongy dough balls mainly make this dipped in sweet syrup to make for a great sweet. 

5. Halwa:

Halwa is the most excellent dessert served at night at the wedding to make the event memorable. Whatever the type of halwa—gajar, sooji, or badam—it will only enhance your wedding experience. You can add this dessert item to your veg wedding menu list.  

6. Kheer:

Kheer is the most demanded dessert in India, and people used to make this dessert frequently on every occasion. Rice cooked in milk and sugar makes up this delectable delicacy. Dry fruits, saffron, and cardamom can also be added to enhance the flavour.

7. Jalebi:

Jalebi is one of the typical wedding sweet dishes, and it gained popularity as an Indian dessert. You can serve jalebi heated or at room temperature. Jalebis are an excellent choice for a crowded wedding reception.

8. Ghevar:

Shaver is the Rajasthani desert, and it is served at weddings. Naturally sweet, it contains a coating of dry fruits and Kesar. The other Indian states are also becoming more and more enamored with it.

9. Rasmalai: 

Rasmalai is another well-known sweet in west Bengal, and this dessert item is very delicious. The perfect dessert at a wedding is made of sweet juice and cream. You should consider this desert as sweet for engagements, weddings and receptions. 

10. Shrikhand: 

This Gujrati sweetener includes many flavours, including mango, chocolate, elaichi, Pista, Kesar, etc. By adding or deleting ingredients, you can adjust them to your preferences. This is a popular dish served at Indian weddings.

11. Sahi tukda:

Shahi Tukda is a well-liked Hyderabadi bread composed of fried bread slices soaked in hot milk with spices, such as saffron and cardamom.

12. Ice Cream:

Another unique dish with intriguing and delectable flavours is this one. Children and adults alike enjoy ice cream.

13. Kulfi: 

Kulfi is a cold desert and a very delicious food item. It is prepared by evaporating sweetened milk, and you can add this food item to your wedding sweets list

14. Malpua:

A desi pancake is a traditional Indian delicacy you must sample while visiting India. It is an essential component of all Indian celebrations.

15. Balushahi: 

Balushahi, a traditional North Indian treat, is similar to glazed doughnuts in that it has a delicate, unique flavor that will have you drooling.

16. Basundi:

Basundi is a popular dish in Gujrat and is well-known as the Rabri. You can serve this food item at your wedding. 

17. Mysore Pak:

Another delicious treat at weddings is Mysore Pak, the dessert we have all gotten accustomed to eating.

18. Moong Dal halwa:

Moong dal halwa is another famous dish, and it is served at weddings to make the occasion menu more interesting. 

19. Amrakhand:

Amrakhand, a summer treat made from mango pulp, is one of the most unusual sweets available. A summer wedding would be the perfect occasion for it.

20. Kaju katli:

One variety of barfi is called Kaju katli. Kaju katli is more than just a confection; it is life. You  can use this dish as your sweets for engagement.

Final words:

Desert is a crucial part of every occasion, especially for a wedding. Choosing the best sweets for Indian wedding is essential to make the event memorable. Now it’s your turn to let us know by the comment which top 10 sweets you will consider in your wedding menu. 

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