What are the 4 different types of meal service?

People now eat out more frequently than they do at home and types of meal service. Food and drinks consumed outside of the house are the focus of food service. Consumers frequently visit food service establishments for a variety of reasons, including the convenience factor, the opportunity to try out novel flavours and tastes, special occasions, and socialising.

And understanding the various types of meal services that these food service establishments provide can help you showcase your expertise among your friends as well as have a well versed conversation with the waiter whenever you order your food.

So, To help you understand the basics of meal service, we will share with you what are the 4 different types of meal services available in the food service industry:

1. Silver Service

Silver Service is a method of food service. Typically, this involves putting food on the table. Using this method, food is moved leftward from a serving dish to the guest’s plate. Using service forks and spoons, the waiter performs it to the guest’s left. This kind of service is referred to as service à l’anglaise (“English Service”) in France.

Silver service has been designed with a right-handed waiter in mind. In order to serve the food, the server must stand to the left and back of the customer, holding or supporting the platter with their left hand while using their right hand to deliver the food. It is customary for the waiter to hold the serving fork and spoon in front of each other in the right hand and handle the two with their fingers to pick up, hold, and move food. It takes a lot of practice and precision to use this technique. Butler service is a variant of silver service. The diner receives butler service and serves himself from a serving plate that the waiter is holding (butler).

2. Gueridon Service

A more specialized type of table service known as gueridon service is typically found in places that provide an à la carte menu and provide a greater level of treatment to their customers. It is more expensive because it employs more pricey equipment and necessitates a higher level of skill from the waiter. Larger servicing spaces are also necessary so that the trolley may be moved about with ease.

Typically, a guéridon is a portable table or cart from which meals can be served.

Food is often delivered to guests on plates at a guéridon, but service may also be provided via beverages trolleys, cheese carts, and carving trolleys.

3. Buffet Service

A buffet is a self-service style where the guests serve themselves. This strategy is excellent for feeding a lot of people with little assistance. The most efficient and welcoming method to host visitors is with a supper buffet. The Buffet Service comes in a wide variety. It might be semi-formal or in the country casual style.

The food on the menu is made in advance and served in chafing dishes. This offers a variety of things to your guests and requires little staffing. For less expensive or more relaxed occasions, buffet service is ideal. Buffets offer the benefit of allowing customers to examine the food before choosing it and just taking what they need.

4. Table Service

A table service is a type of service that is most often witnessed in most of the restaurants and hotels. Where the individual orders his dishes from a table and the waiter has to deliver the foods to the table itself.

It is the most common type of service offered in most restaurants because it’s cost effective and saves the guests the hassle of getting their own orders because some guests might find it offensive and it helps them maintain a better customer service by interacting with them on a personal level.

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