Outdoor Catering Services In Kolkata

In order to treat your guests to delicious food, choosing the best Outdoor Catering Services is essential. It might be a gathering planned along a riverside, a party on the lawn, or a wedding on the terrace. Regardless of the venue you have chosen for your important event; Speciality Catering Service is your one-stop shop for outdoor catering services in Kolkata.

Nowadays, people want to celebrate their special day in an outdoor location. So making memorable, specialty catering services provide adequate services to our guests for making your event memorable. Now you can plan an outdoor event or gathering without stress about catering services. 

Exactly why should you pick us for your outdoor catering needs?

There are a few reasons behind choosing us for serving delicious food items at your outdoor event. The reasons are discussed below. 

Location Inspection

We constantly check the venue out in advance of the event as professionals in this industry. By doing this, it is ensured that the arrangement for outdoor catering meets the standards. Our catering manager arranges the dining set up by the venue layout to allow guests to roam about and eat quickly.

Safety protocols 

Safety protocols are essential for catering services because it helps to make sure of the quality of the services. A safety requirement is one of the crucial criteria for outdoor catering services in Kolkata. While meeting the guests’ needs, specialty catering services ensure that all safety precautions are taken. 

Food storage is always under strict supervision, is secure, and is typically kept out of the leading catering area. This guarantees that the meal is served as fresh as possible to the guest. Second, we ensure that all electrical wiring and points are correctly positioned and covered.


The menu is a vital part of every catering service because it helps to make the event unforgettable. Specialty catering services ensure the theme of the party because, according to the guest’s demand, we set the menu. We served both international and Indian cuisines to the guests to make the event memorable for the people. We promise our customers we’ll take you on board with anything they want. In addition to carefully planning the cuisine, we also arrange the catering so your guests can enjoy the menu items to the fullest. We are dedicated to providing food that meets our customer’s needs and has several areas of specialization. 


Specialty Catering Services constantly strives to make using our catering services a hassle-free experience for you. This is why we ensure that all relevant permits are obtained and authorized before the event. An outdoor event frequently has to get specific keys from the governing bodies. These licenses are only valid for catering businesses. Because of this, we are known as the best outdoor catering service in Kolkata


Our specialty catering service focuses on the new modern equipment for making your occasion unforgettable. Moreover, we provide grilling facilities to the guests to make the event more enjoyable. Additionally, we make sure refrigerators are accessible for things like frozen sweets. If you ask for something, we will put it on the menu. Give your visitors an exceptional experience by using our outdoor catering services in Kolkata.

If you are planning an outdoor event and looking for the best outdoor catering services, consider hosting your event systematically. 

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